Genealogical and Historical

Notes on

Culpeper County, Virginia

Embracing a Revised and Enlarged Edition of

Dr. Philip Slaughter's

History of St. Mark's Parish

Compiled by

Raleigh Travers Green

Originally Published 1900 Culpeper, VA; reprinted by Southern Book Co., Baltimore, 1958; reissued by Regional Publishing Co., an affiliate of Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1998

Contains the following references to TURNER:

Part I

p. 7- [In 1731, the vestrymen worked to organize St. Mark's Parish] "Robert Turner was made collector of tithes."

p. 34- [In 1740, St. Thomas Parish, then in Orange Co., was cut off from St. Mark's Parish. The circle of members included people from parts of Madison and Culpeper Counties, as well as an influx of visitors from Spotsylvania, Caroline, Culpeper, and a stream of travellers to and from Kentucky by way of Culpeper, Winchester (in Frederick Co.] and Red Stone in Monongalia. In] "1796, Feb. 5th, Fortunatus Winslow married Polly Alcocke. D. Turner married Miss E. Pendelton, of Caroline."

p. 46- [In the Germanna settlement, a deed for 193 acres of land in the first fork of the Rapidan River was given to the church. ] " The deed was dated 1733 and signed, sealed, and delivered by William Carpenter in the presence of Jno. Waller, Robert Turner, Ed. Broughton, Jas. King, and William Henderson."

Part II

p. 9- [Among the members of the Masonic Fairfax[Culpeper] Lodge #43 in the early 1800's] "Zephaniah Turner and John Turner."

p. 130-[The Pay Roll of Capt Benj. Cole's Company of Virginia Militia, 5th Regiment of Culpeper Co.] "Larkin Turner, Private, 3months, 22 days"

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