Culpeper Co., VA, Marriages 1781-1850

Jeffrey A. Campbell
Charvel Historical Publications

According to author, data was transcribed from Microfilm Record # 0030927
Family History Library
Salt lake City, UT

The data contained in this publication is, for the time period of interest, nearly the same as in Knorr's Marriages of Culpeper County(Source #10). Only differing and additional information is shown below. Throughout the document, there are numerous typographical errors, so the information should be used with caution.

p. 53- Turner, James Spouse: Gaines, Delphia 15 Sep 1807

p. 53- Turner, Robert Spouse: Wise, Nancy 19 Mar 1816

p. 53- Turner, Zephaniah Spouse: Tutt, Susanna 19 Dec 1816

p. 53- Turner, Zephaniah Spouse: Conner, Sally M. 27 Feb 1800

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