Descendants of Edward Turner of St. Mary's County, MD

Generation One

1. Edward1 Turner;1,2 born 1631 in England;3,4 married Elizabeth (--?--) before 1688;5,6 married an unknown person;7 married Mary (--?--);8 died in St. Mary's Co, Maryland;9 his estate was probated 27 Jul 1709 in St. Mary's Co, Maryland.10

He lived between 1659 and 1672 in St. Clements Manor, near Chaptico, St. Mary's Co, Maryland.11 He lived circa 1678 in Bashford or Barstable Manor, near Chaptico, St. Mary's Co, Maryland; acquired from Lord Baltimore.12 He purchased about 200 acres known as "The Bow" in near Chaptico, Charles Co., Maryland.13 Samuel, his son, was executor. He devised the dwelling (described as close to homes of other Trinity Parish Turners), plantation and lands to his eldest son, Thomas; to his youngest son, Samuel, the tract of land known as "The Bow"; to his daughter, Elizabeth, her mother Elizabeth's wedding ring and other personal estate. His son, Thomas, was ordered to care for his grandchildren, Mary and Eliza Haly. His wife Mary was to live at the dwelling plantation during her life, and in accordance with the anti-nuptual contract. She was to have full possession of the estate of her former husband and to dispose of it to her children. He left instructions to be buried between his two former wives (not named).14,15

Children of Edward1 Turner and Elizabeth (--?--) were as follows:

There were no children of Edward1 Turner and the unknown spouse mentioned above.

Children of Edward1 Turner and Mary (--?--) both born in Maryland were as follows:

Generation Two

3. Samuel2 Turner Sr. (Edward1);26,27,28,29 born circa 1675 in Turner's Forest, Charles Co., Maryland;30,31,32,33 married Lydia Dent, daughter of Capt. John Dent and Mary Hatch, circa 1700 in St. Mary's Co, Maryland;34,35 died before 29 Oct 1746 in Charles Co., Maryland.36,37

Children of Samuel2 Turner Sr. and Lydia Dent were as follows:

5. Mary2 Turner (Edward1);58,59,60 born in Maryland;61 married Clement Haley;62 died before 1693.63

Children of Mary2 Turner and Clement Haley were as follows:

Generation Three

6. Edward3 Turner (Samuel2, Edward1);71,72,73,74 born 1701 in Maryland;75 married Eleanor Wilson 1721;76 died 1772 in St. Mary's Co, Maryland.77

He executed a lease on a 137 acre tract called "Watson's Choice" and a 47 acre tract called "Hingstone" on 7 Jan 1730/31 in Charles Co., Maryland.78 He left a will in 1772 in St. Mary's Co., Maryland; left to his son, Samuel, tracts of land known as "Watson's Choice," "Hingston," and "Partners Purchase"; to his son, William, part of "Turner's Forest" in Charles Co., MD; to his son Randolph (Randall), part of "St. Vincent" in Charles Co., MD; to his son Joshua, a slave and part of "Movables."79

Children of Edward3 Turner and Eleanor Wilson were as follows:

8. Samuel3 Turner Jr. (Samuel2, Edward1);143,144,145,146 married Verlinda McPherson, daughter of Alexander McPherson and Elizabeth (--?--);147 married Ann (--?--);148 married Mary (--?--);149 died in Charles Co., Maryland;150 his estate was probated 3 Nov 1764 in Charles Co., Maryland.151

He lived in Turner's Forest, Charles Co., Maryland.152 He left a will on 9 Sep 1761 in Charles Co., Maryland; mentions his wife Mary; sons Zephaniah and Hezakiah; and daughters Dorcas, Deborah, Martha, Anna, and Mary; and a son John Beale Turner (the only child of his second marriage). All of his land was left to his son Zephaniah, who was the executor of his will.153,154

Children of Samuel3 Turner Jr. and Verlinda McPherson were as follows:

There were no children of Samuel3 Turner Jr. and Ann (--?--).

Children of Samuel3 Turner Jr. and Mary (--?--) were:

Generation Four

16. Samuel4 Turner (Edward3, Samuel2, Edward1);200,201,202 born 7 Oct 1733 in Trinity Parish, Charles Co., Maryland;203,204 married Margaret Montgomery, daughter of Peter Montgomery and Margaret (--?--), 18 Nov 1762 in Trinity Parish, Charles Co., Maryland.205,206

Children of Samuel4 Turner and Margaret Montgomery were as follows:

Children of Samuel4 Turner and an unknown spouse were as follows:

18. William4 Turner (Edward3, Samuel2, Edward1);237,238,239 born 20 Sep 1737;240,241 married Rhoda Dent, daughter of Hatch Dent and Anne (--?--), 1 Jul 1764;242 died circa 1801;243 his estate was probated 2 Jan 1802.244

Children of William4 Turner and Rhoda Dent were as follows:

29. Hezekiah4 Turner (Samuel3, Samuel2, Edward1);284,285,286 born 23 Jul 1739 in Turner's Forest, Trinity Parish, Charles Co., Maryland;287,288 married Henrietta Chunn, daughter of Andrew Chunn, 29 Apr 1764 in Charles Co., Maryland;289 died circa 1812 in Woodville, Rappahannock Co., Virginia;290 buried in on an old farm near Lebanon Church, two miles from Woodville, Rappahannock Co., Virginia; no markers on his grave.291

He moved he moved to Fauquier Co., VA circa 1768.292 According to GEDCOM file #h6681 on the World Family Tree, source attributed to "The Turner Family of Charles Co., MD, and Fauquier Co., VA, Ca 1700," by Robert Adams Gaebler, Hezekiah Turner was elected on 18 Nov 1774 to be on a 100 man committee in Charles County to handle liaison with the Continental Congress. This is, of course, inconsistent with other information that he was living in Virginia at that time.293 He began military service circa 1780 he served with the Culpeper Minute Men. He was a Lieutenant, Captain and Paymaster in the Third Virginia Regiment, under Colonel Thomas Marshall.294 After the war, he was Surveyor of Government Lands in Frederick Co., VA.295 He moved to Woodville, Culpeper Co., now Rappahannock Co., VA.296 He appeared on the census of 1810 in Culpeper Co., Virginia.297

Children of Hezekiah4 Turner and Henrietta Chunn were as follows:

30. Dorcas4 Turner (Samuel3, Samuel2, Edward1);331,332,333 born 21 Nov 1741 in Turner's Forest, Trinity Parish, Charles Co., Maryland;334,335 married Joseph Dyson circa 1761;336 married Henry Clarkson 11 Feb 1772 in Charles Co., Maryland;337 died after 1778.338

Children of Dorcas4 Turner and Joseph Dyson were as follows:

Children of Dorcas4 Turner and Henry Clarkson were as follows:

31. Deborah4 Turner (Samuel3, Samuel2, Edward1);364,365,366 born 25 Jan 1743/44 in Turner's Forest, Trinity Parish, Charles Co., Maryland;367,368 married Zachariah Chunn, son of Andrew Chunn, 30 May 1764;369 died after 1809.370

Children of Deborah4 Turner and Zachariah Chunn all born in Trinity Parish, Charles Co., Maryland, were as follows:

34. Mary E.4 Turner (Samuel3, Samuel2, Edward1);387,388,389 born 4 May 1750 in Turner's Forest, Charles Co., Maryland;390 married Capt. John Ashby, son of John Ashby, 15 Feb 1769 in Fauquier Co., Virginia;391 died 1826 in Fauquier Co., Virginia.392

She and Capt. John Ashby had 7 sons, five of whom were officers in the War of 1812, and, at least, one daughter.393

Children of Mary E.4 Turner and Capt. John Ashby were as follows:

Generation Five

41. Charles5 Turner (Samuel4, Edward3, Samuel2, Edward1);404,405 born 20 May 1771.406

Children of Charles5 Turner and an unknown spouse were as follows:

47. Wilson5 Turner (William4, Edward3, Samuel2, Edward1);421,422,423 born 1 May 1766;424 married Mary (--?--).425

Children of Wilson5 Turner and Mary (--?--) were:

49. Edward5 Turner (William4, Edward3, Samuel2, Edward1);430,431,432 born 20 Mar 1769 in Charles Co., Maryland;433,434 married Sara McPherson;435 died 1851 in Smith Co., Tennessee.436

Children of Edward5 Turner and Sara McPherson were:

58. Samuel5 Turner (Hezekiah4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Edward1);437,438,439 born 15 Sep 1766 in Charles Co., Maryland;440,441 married Jane Cooksey between 1788 and 1789;442 died circa 1805 in Frederick Co., Virginia.443

Children of Samuel5 Turner and Jane Cooksey were as follows:

63. Susan5 Turner (Hezekiah4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Edward1);456,457,458 born 15 May 1781;459 married Stephen Chilton, son of Charles Chilton and Elizabeth Blackwell, 24 Apr 1802 in Frederick Co., Virginia;460 died 1840.461

Children of Susan5 Turner and Stephen Chilton were:

64. Maria5 Turner (Hezekiah4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Edward1);467,468,469 born 15 May 1781;470 married Benjamin Tutt 9 Dec 1800;471 died 15 Sep 1817 in Culpeper Co., Virginia, at age 36.472

Children of Maria5 Turner and Benjamin Tutt were as follows:

75. Col. Turner5 Ashby (Mary4Turner, Samuel3, Samuel2, Edward1);484,485,486 married Dorthea Green.487

Children of Col. Turner5 Ashby and Dorthea Green were as follows:

76. Elizabeth5 Ashby (Mary4Turner, Samuel3, Samuel2, Edward1);496,497,498 married Col. John Tutt.499

Children of Elizabeth5 Ashby and Col. John Tutt were:

Generation Six

85. William6 Turner (Edward5, William4, Edward3, Samuel2, Edward1);504,505,506 born 1816 in Frederick Co., Virginia;507 married Cindi Rilla Walker;508 died 1894 in Smith Co., Tennessee.509

Children of William6 Turner and Cindi Rilla Walker were:

88. Elizabeth6 Turner (Samuel5, Hezekiah4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Edward1);515,516,517 married Philemon P. Baldwin 31 Aug 1818 in Shenandoah Co., Virginia.518

Children of Elizabeth6 Turner and Philemon P. Baldwin were as follows:

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