Virginia in 1740: A Reconstructed Census

by TLC Genealogy, P.O. Box 403369, Miami Beach FL 33140-1369

p. 281- James Turner, Orange Co. Ref: Orange Co. Deed Book 3, 1738-1740, and Deed Book 4, 1740-41.

p. 281- Nathan or Nathaniel Turner, Orange Co. Ref: Orange Co. Tithables, 1739.

[Note: During this time period (1738-41), all of what later became Culpeper, Frederick, Madison, and Rappahannock Counties was then included in Orange Co. In 1743, Frederick Co. was carved out of Orange Co. In 1749, Culpeper Co. was created out of part of Orange Co. Madison and Rappahannock Counties were later carved out of Culpeper Co.]JGT

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