Virginia Soldiers of the American Revolution

Compiled by Hamilton J. Eckenrode
Originally published in 1912 as List of the Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia
Virginia State Library and Archives

Vol. 1

Soldiers specifically identified with Culpeper or nearby counties:

p. 445

Turner, Alexander (Orange), S. of W., 1835, Pen. 2, 18
Turner, Elias (Shenandoah),
Aud. Acct. 1779-80, 183
Turner, Jeremiah (Culpeper),
S. of W., 1835. Pen. 2, 129

p. 446

Turner, Nathan Jr. (Culpeper Militia), Aud. Acct. XV, 439
Turner, Richard (Culpeper Militia),
Aud. Acct. XV, 439

Other familiar Turner names mentioned but not identified with a county:

Daniel, George, Henry, Hezekiah (Capt.), Hezekiah, James, John, Nathaniel, Stephen, Thomas, Zachariah

Vol. 2 (Supplement)

Except as indicated, the soldiers are not identified with any particular county. Names of interest:

p. 307- Daniel, George, George (alias Curtis, James), Henry, James, Richard, Samuel (Missouri in 1835), Stephen, Thomas, William, Zachariah (Prince George Co.)


Aud. Acct. 1779-80 : Auditor's Account Books, 1789-80
Aud. Acct. XV : Auditor's Account Books (numbered with roman numerals, 35 volumes)
S. of W., 1835. Pen. 2 : "Report from the Secretary of War... in relation to the Pension Establishment of the United states" Vol. 2, Washington, 1935

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