An 18th Century Perspective:
Culpeper County

Compiled and edited by Mary Stevens Jones
Published by the Culpeper Historical Society, Inc.
Culpeper, Virginia

p. 31 Names in Will Book B: John Turner, 1781, p. 464

p. 32 Names in Will Book C: Nathan Turner, 1784, p. 79

p. 34 Names in Will Book E: Pierce Turner, 1803, p. 5

p.35 Land Bounty Certificates (taken from Virginia Colonial Militia by William Crozier), John Baker Turner, soldier under Col. George Washington

p. 36 Revolutionary Troops from Culpeper, Officers [no Turner's], Soldiers: Jeremiah, Nathan and Richard Turner

p. 40 Signers of Culpeper Co. legislative petitions in the 1770's on record in the Virginia State Library(are presumed to have been Minutemen): George Turner

p. 42 List of Thomas Yancy's company of militia to the Second Battalion in the 5th regiment, State of Virginia, Culpeper Co., April 1806: Larking Turner

p. 50 List of Culpeper Taxpayers, from Virginia Taxpayers 1728-87, by Fothergill & Naugle: James, Jeremiah, John, Richard, William Turner.

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