Abstracts of Wills, Administrations, & Marriages
of Fauquier County, Virginia

Originally published 1939
by J. Estelle Stewart King

An Improved Edition and New Index
by Elizabeth Petty Bentley
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.

p. 11 Inventory of Estate of John Sinklear, 5 Aug 1776. Apprs: Hez. Turner, John Adams, John T.P. Chunn.

p. 15 Will of John Bailey. 8 Sep 1778 25 Oct 1779 Wit: Charles Turner

p. 16 Will of Roger Tolle. 2 Feb 1778 22 May 1780 Wit: Edward Turner, Mary Turner

p. 17 Will of John Adams 14 Jan 1780, 28 May 1781. To son John, all land in Maryland. To son George, land on which I now live. To daughter Elizabeth, 300 acres of land where she now lives. To dau Susannah, 300 acres of land where John Hume now lives. To son Josias, all land I purchased from Capt. Turner. To wife Sarah Stacy, to have remainder for life or widowhood. Wit: Hezekiah Turner, John Hickman, John Chunn, Will Bailes. [ John Adams and Zepheniah Turner, Hezekiah's older brother, first came south from Charles Co., MD, about 1756 to purchase land together in Fauquier Co. near the town of Delaplane. After a few years, Zepheniah returned to MD, selling his interest in the property, about 500 acres, to Hezekiah who moved his family to Fauquier Co. and settled there. Hezekiah later moved to Woodville, in that part of Culpeper Co. which later became Rappahannock Co.]JGT

p. 26 Will of William Grigsby. 29 Dec 1788, 25 Jun 1789. Wit: Hezekiah Turner

p. 43 Will of John Thomas Chunn. 31 Jan 1804, 28 may 1804. Wife not named. Legatees: children of sister Henrietta Turner; children of sister, Charity Edwards; Zach Vowells; children of dec’d. nephew, Henry Vowells; children of sister, Elizabeth Dyson; children of dec’d. sister Winifred Dyson; nephew, John Thomas Chunn; children of dec’d. brother, Zach Chunn; nephew, Charles Chunn; friend, Charles Marshall. Exrs: wife, Zach Vowell (nephew), Andrew Chunn, Zephanie Turner. Wit.: Charles Marshall, Nimrod Ashby.

p. 45 Marriage Bonds George Adams, Anna Turner, 8 Jun 1769.

p. 45 Marriage Bonds William Balis (Baylis), Elizabeth Turner, 22 May 1780.

p. 48 Marriage Bonds Joseph Conway, Sarah Turner, 7 Jul 1788.

p. 56 Marriage Bonds William Newland, Nancy Turner, 7 Oct 1799.

p. 59 Marriage Bonds Laban Shipp, Rebecca Turner, 10 Feb 1786.

p. 61 Marriage Bonds Alexander Turner, Peggy Rollins, 17 May 1786.

p. 61 Marriage Bonds James Turner, Ann Debell, 6 Dec 1792.

p. 61 Marriage Bonds John Turner, Jenny Baily, 12 Jun 1782.

p. 61 Marriage Bonds John Turner, Franky James, 31 Dec 1798.

p. 61 Marriage Bonds Thomas Turner, Elizabeth Randolph, 1 Sep 1798

p. 70 Cemetery Inscriptions in Warrenton, VA: Harriet Turner, wife of late Dr. John A. Turner, 27 Dec 1884, aged 77 years.

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